Beware! Pornography Can Threaten Your Child’s Brain

Pornography was very dangerous for children more than we expected so far. Not only the child’s mental changes, but also for the physical in this case the brain. So watch your kids right now so as not to experience terrible disaster in your family. Moreover, the spread of prnographic video case Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, the stronger the magnetic power to attract our children.

Various cases that arise related to pornographic content really is very worrying. Handling is done, both by the government, schools, and among the elderly, still like a fire extinguisher. Handling the problem of pornography is still struggling in the lower reaches, such as the raid on the school phone.
Concluded a press conference of the National Commission for Protection of Children and Yayasan Kita dan Buah Hati in Jakarta, Tuesday, June 15th 2010 outbreak response materials sordid scene that allegedly made famous artist lately.
According to Elly Risman from Yayasan Kita dan Buah Hati, pornography can damage children’s brains, even worse when compared with the damage caused by drugs.
Pornography is cocaine through the eyes. Nature is worse than drugs. If the drug is only three-part attack on the human brain, pornography damage five parts of the brain, said Elly Risman. She believes that pornography damage the child brain that has not had the development of the prefrontal cortex (PFC).
On the other hand, punishing for the children who found to obtain pornographic material, will not solve the problem. Efforts should be done is to get the dialogue of children and provide understanding about the problem. Secretary General of the National Commission for Child Protection Arist Merdeka Sirait deplores rampant circulation of p0rn videos that endanger children, with the position of children in pornography case continues to be a victim.

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